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What does it mean to haze someone I Am Want Real Sex Dating

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What does it mean to haze someone

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Top definition. Usually part of initiations into a group of some sort.

Commonly done by pooring nasty food over people, making them do humiliating things, and other ways. The cops showed up right when we were done hazing the newbies with sardinesmustard, and marshmallows.

I Look For Sex Date What does it mean to haze someone

Physical and mental torture for the new people in a collegehigh school or the forces. The seniors try to pick out the weak freshers while staying well away from the stronger looking ones. Some seniors tried hazing me and my brother and when we broke ones leg they all went crying to the deans office.

Hazing drugs.

I Am Looking Real Swingers What does it mean to haze someone

Smoking from a vaporizer ; similar to blazing a joint. Are you hazing or blazing tonight?

Initiation of neophytes when entering a Frat. Usually done by hitting the hind with a paddle while butt-naked.

What does haze mean? haze Definition. Meaning of haze.

Done multiple times. Can kill. Oh godhave you heard of what happened to the newly-transfered freshman?

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He's in the hospital in serious condition due to hazing. Done between sports teams. See that guy over there Hazing college.

Often a group of individuals in college or high school. A group of "Seniors" can pick out weaker freshmen and involve them into humiliating or sexual acts. Dude, we hazed a couple freshmen. It was so funny Hey, we're gonna pick out some freshies and do some hazingit'll be funny.

haze definition: 1. something such as heat or smoke in the air that makes it less clear, so that it is difficult to see well: 2. to play tricks on someone, especially a. Haze is the fog or mist that's caused by small particles in the air. There is often a haze hovering over the city of Los Angeles. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of haze is. The slang word v. to make fun of a person in a joking or malicious manner. I'm going to.

Wanna help? The act of faking people out scaring by some means for the purposes of initation into a group; usually a fraternity or the military to create a sense gay dating yorkshire bonding among the members. Those frat boys were totally hazing when they loaded up into the back of the truck for a wild ride into oncomming traffic.

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