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I want to fck around

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That loves to fill white sluts with my big white cock.

Age: 39
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: I Am Look Horny People
City: Oakland, CA
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Curvy Sbf Seeking Swm Text Buddy

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Star Wars: Sign in. Joe Joe: I want my daddy. I know. I do too baby. You been fucking around? Let me smell your dick. Hey, girl. What you doing? Are you on the damn phone again? Get off the phone. What's all that noise? Are you okay? That's Chris. The nigga is trippin'. We've been drinking that Thug Passion. Get off i want to fck around phone, bumping your gums, talking to them hos. Arpund made up with that nigga Jody yet?

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I ain't thinking about. Yeah, right. Jody know that's his pussy. I won't put up with his shit no. Am I invisible?

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I feel you. Lights on. Anyone home?

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I definitely feel you. Get off the goddamn phone and come here, so I can drop it off in your drawers!

These niggas trip when they think hey own you. You need to check. You need to check these nuts in your mouth. Shut the fuck up! You see I'm on the damn phone! Shut your motherfucking ass up! Fuck them hos! You always talk to them bitches about their relationships. i want to fck around

Attend to your nigga! Naw, nigga, this ain't no motherfuckin' Yvette! Put Yvette on the phone, nigga! This my phone, nigga!

Don't call my i want to fck around no more! You don't even live. Is this Jody? The Jody that got my boo pregnant and can't take care of his responsibilities as a muthafuckin' man? Livin' at yo' mamma house?

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Walking around the streets like a little ass boy? Yo' ass in jail!

You can't say nothin' about me and mine, homeboy. My girl ain't feeling you.

It's not happening, cuz! Concentrate on not dropping the soap, you bitch-ass nigga! I want a fckk on my motherfucking phone tomorrow, Yvette. All right, Jody, damn! Stupid ass. You stupid. All on the phone spreading my business out. He on the other end talking 'bout "Yeah, I want to fck around know you live with yo' mamma. Hi, baby. Baby, don't be mad at me. It ain't my fault. I love fuck buddy dating.

What is it Ariund I'm listening. Some Mexican stole your car. They what? You hear? I hear. You still got that tracking thing on? We'll find it in like 30 minutes. Call the po-po's and tell them what's up. I ain't doing.

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Why not? Because I know who stole my car.

Tell me who stole your car baby and I'll go get it back for you. I stole my car Jody. Jody, I know you love me. I also fxk you fuck other girls. I don't like it, but I know you. So just i want to fck around real with me. Man, you gone be honest or what? If you can take it.

You're starting to get on my nerves with this shit Yvette. I'm getting on your nerves? And you're the one big sex mature. You get with any of them girls you sell dresses to? A. wat

You feel better now? I love you, girl.

You got my son and you probably gone be my wife. You want me to be honest? Yeah, I. You're my woman.

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Them other ho's is tricks. I make love to you, I want to be with you, but I fuck other females occasionally. I don't know why, I just. That's the situation. That's some honesty for yo ass. Deal with it. I love you i want to fck around to be honest.