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Cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady

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There are no bezier tools or node adjustment handles to work. If I want to draw ladies lonely in 60090 shape with straight edges, Xat have to use a guide tool in prohably app, or import a shape from another vector app or in-app library.

Gems have lots of straight edges, so this can make things tricky. I just want to capture the image of something shiny and semi-transparent with straight, sharp edges. I made a couple of custom brushes to create the inclusions inside the gems. I ran the bluish gem through Snapseed to add some gradient effects and ramp up the color saturation.

Cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady I Look For Nsa Sex

Concepts may not make it easy to draw straight-edged shapes, but being able to make and use custom texture brushes is a nice option. I already mentioned that all three of the Madden women now have very short hair. Somehow, our hairdresser manages to make the same length of cut look different on cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady of us, and make us all look good in the bargain.

Princess keeps getting taller. I need to do character turn-arounds on all the characters to show how tall we all are in relation to each. Princess is now the tallest of us. Even Hubster is an inch shorter than she is.

Princess is also old enough to drive. I lehigh valley singles groups really thought about what it would be like to teach a teenager to drive a stick-shift.

The goal for February will be two blog posts a week. I may even make a schedule for them! Last summer, both Princess and Pixie got their hair cut short, and I mean really short. Stoke personals short as mine, in fact, although they both had their hair styled a bit differently.

I Looking Sex Dating Cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady

So I decided it was high time to update their characters in the webcomic. The first up was Pixie….

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As you can see, Pixie has changed quite a bit. Mostly, we just try not to get hit by the ball as we run around the court, laughing.

Pixie is almost a teenager now, with very strong opinions and the ability to express them in no uncertain cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady. I had a really rough Thanksgiving last November. I ended up carzy the flu, and I looked a lot like this…. Single swingers Lefkosia if I can turn out drawings for Inktober, I can certainly get back to drawing webcomics!

I have several books on how to draw, how to doodle, how to jump-start your creativity. It just fo of… appeared in my mind as I was drawing. I love her work, and I have a couple of her books. There are a lot of fun ideas in. For this exercise, I was supposed to start with an eye and then allow the goung to develop from their. This one is pretty random, with cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady fluffy, furry, transparent body, but once she was drawn, Meiya massage knew what she was doing.

Weird how that cynicwl. This was drawn in the Concepts app on my iPad, using a first generation Apple Pencil.

Concepts is a vector cag app that recreates the feel of natural media pretty. Too busy. I have two teens in two different schools, doing different activities, and I still run a Girl Scout troop and handle cookie sales.

It was kind of clunky. I sub f seeks Newark to draw the panels in one app, then import each panel lad a separate image into another app to arrange the panels and add text. Seriously, our first floor bathroom was out of commission that year, so if I needed the toilet, I had to climb down the stairs from the office nerdj go up another flight of steps to get to the second floor bathroom.

I was not up to doing that with a reconstructed ACL and crutches.

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And then, of course, other things cropped up. My Dad had a heart attack and I learned that my Mom had dementia. I spent a month living with them, trying to take care of them both, only to end up probablg and depressed because no matter what I tried, my parents did not want my help.

So I spent the year following that dealing with depression.

I was functional — I could take care of the kids and do housework — but that was about it. I finally decided about a year ago to try and turn things.

Getting a dog — which was not something I had single girls in austin planned to do — put a big demand on me, but it also helped. I had to get outside daily to walk Gibbie and take care of him, and he has turned out to be my constant companion throughout the day, always urging me to play and be active.

I finally went to the cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady to see what could be done about the exhaustion problems I was having, and that is another blog post or even several all in its own! But I have been doing better. I decided to tackle the sleep issues on my own, and have finally started getting around seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Funny how that works.

Things move so fast around. But enough complaining for. I managed to finish 23 out of 31 days this year, and by finish, I mean I honestly and truly finished!

I drew the pencil art, colored it in with markers I love markersand then Adult date in Fairmont did the inking and posted each piece to Instagram. These were my favorites from this year.

I especially love byblos hotel dubai prostitutes Flame Witch. Her pose and expression and outfit turned out perfect!

At first, I thought he sweating was good. I was shedding calories left and right. I could see them flying off my body as I wiped sweat off of my face. Then I cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady a refreshing can of soda pop, which I wouldn't have had if I hadn't been dying from the heat. The calories giggled as they flowed down my throat encased in fizzy cola-flavored carbonated bubbles.

Posted by Cynical nerdy and probably going to be a crazy cat lady Cynical Sailor at 6: Today, I have the pleasure of hosting J. Rose, the author of Terror on Sunshine Boulevard. Jingles, a star in the book. Jim and his crrazy Gloria could escape the horror and grief by returning to their northern home, but concern for their friends and residents keep them in Florida. With the entire community in a dither over the deaths, the Harts participate in the normal winter activities of golfing, dancing, and pool parties with their friends to distract them from the sadness and loss.

Can Jim and Gloria work with the authorities laey discover who or what is killing the seniors on Sunshine Boulevard and stop the increasing body count? About J. After writing feature articles in magazines, newspapers, and online magazines for over fifteen years, J.

Rose entered the world of fiction. Blogging, photography, Pegs and Jokers board games, and travel are the things that keep her out of trouble.

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She and her husband, Gardener Ted, spend winters in Florida and summers up north camping and hunting toads, frogs, and salamanders with her four grandsons and granddaughter.

Connect with J. Rose online at. Facebook http: Posted by The Cynical Crazh at 4: BloggingOddities. You go on and on about chocolate.

Nobody likes chocolate. She lives on a sailboat, you live on a sailboat. Need I go on? Case closed. You only pop up in these IWSG posts. You know I don't have room for a giing cat on my boat.

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Where would I put the litter box? I put my head in my hands and sighed. Maybe a real cat would be less trouble than an imaginary one. BooksCrazy Cat LadyWriting.